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Accreditation Commission For Conformity Assessment Bodies (ACCAB) endeavors to empanel competent assessors and technical experts in the scopes in which ACCAB offers accreditation, which are as follows:

Testing Laboratories: 

Acoustic Measurement, Ballistic Measurement, Fire Testing , Dimension Measurement, Testing Of Electronic Equipment/Product, Testing Of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) , Chemical Material(S) Testing, Geology, Testing Of Personal Safety & Protection Equipments, Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Information Technology (IT), Chemical Testing, Corrosion Testing, Physical Material (S) Testing, Metallurgical Testing, Microbiological Testing, Examination Of The Environments Influence On Products & Equipments, Behavior, Sensory Analysis, Security, Taxonomy, Ionizing Radiations & Radio Activity, Molecular Biology , Biology, Genetic Modified Organisms (GMO), Veterinary Medicine, Bio-Banks And Forensic Examinations.

Calibration Laboratories:

Electrical Quantities, Magnetic Quantities, Time & Frequency, Dimensional Quantities, Mechanical Quantities, Acoustical Quantities, Volumetric Quantities, Optical Quantities, Ionizing Radiation , Temperature, Humidity & Thermo Physical Properties Chemical Analysis And Reference Materials.

Medical Laboratories:

Pathology, Chemistry ,Cytogenetics, Hematology, Histocompatibility, Immunology, Microbiology, Point of Care Testing, Immunohaematology and Imaging.

Interested? Please email your CV addressed to CEO, ACCAB :info@accab.org

Note: This is not an employment scheme. All empanelled Assessors & Technical Experts are paid honorarium and subsistence allowances.